Job Site Staffing

JSS enables construction and industrial firms to effectively plan personnel resources across their project portfolios.

Lack of portfolio planning is costly

Insufficient project portfolio staff planning and insight can lead to:

  • Idle staff, short staffing, and even under-qualified staff
  • Productivity loss and schedule loss
  • Increased cost

Get a Glimpse of the Future with Job Site Staffing

Strategic workforce planning is about making informed and tactical decisions that align with your organization’s long-term plans. Maintaining an agile workforce that can adapt to changing market demands is crucial for success in today’s marketplace.

Job Site Staffing (JSS) plans help manage job site labor forces, enabling general contractors to efficiently plan and provision labor across their job sites. It helps you build and aggregate project staffing plans for personnel that provide project oversight and allows you to optimize staff assignments by allocating personnel resources where they’re required. JSS also allows you to review your total staffing demand across multiple sites so you can determine gaps in personnel resources to help you craft your onboarding strategy.

JSS helps you know when you need to add people to meet project commitments and when you will have excess capacity. It helps you keep your workforce operating at peak efficiency through features like:

  • Comprehensive employee management including leave planning, role history and skills
  • Embedded dashboard analytics include under/over allocations and unfilled roles for current and future projects
  • Easy exportation of data to Excel, .csv or .pdf to create custom reports
  • Dynamic Gantt views for visualization of project assignments and people allocations
  • Configurable security roles to protect sensitive employee information and protect which data can be updated
  • Configurable system picklists and column views

Job Site Staffing Benefits

Reduce inefficient “bench time” for staff

Know who and when to recruit, or when to downsize

Reduce the effort needed to create and maintain accurate and current staffing plans

Level your staffing by adjusting project timelines or creating alternate role assignments

Enable preliminary planning on potential projects without over-stating staff allocations

Better control over large project workforces

Executive oversight of project staffing plans

Highlights key areas for attention, includes unfilled roles or over-allocated employees

Identify employees with availability matching the timing of a specific role assignment