Job Site Resourcing

JSR enables construction sites to effectively manage delivery, storage and movement of site materials.

Resource Scheduling Made Simple

Keeping a construction site productive requires constant logistical planning. Logistical shortcomings lead to:

  • Lost productivity for project staff and subtrades
  • Inefficient crane, hoist, elevator and staging area utilization
  • Site congestion and safety hazards
  • Greater risk of theft of material and equipment

In a construction environment with limited materials-handling equipment and small site footprints, careful planning for the operation of equipment is needed for efficient logistics management on site.

Job Site Resourcing (JSR) is a scheduling tool that helps optimize the delivery of materials and the booking of cranes, elevators and staging areas. It ultimately helps site personnel manage materials and equipment movement scheduling to eliminate idle times or bottlenecks for shared job site resources.

JSR Features

  • Cloud-based web portal platform and native mobile application (iOS and Android)
  • Customizable resource definitions.
  • Approval workflow with approve/decline capability and full audit tracking
  • Self-service bookings including protection against overbooking
  • Downtime and resource unavailability booking controls
  • Notification engine for reservation reminders, approved or declined booking confirmations and pending reservations
  • Export to spreadsheet functionality
  • User access and tracking control for site administrators and field coordinators
  • Ability to grant access to calendars and resources across multiple job sites

Job Site Resourcing Benefits

Eliminate delivery and unloading conflicts

Eliminate double bookings

Reduce manager workload

Maximize project resource use

Decrease cost and improve schedule

View all site resources on a centralized platform

Gain transparency on shared resource.

JSR Reviews

The trades jumped on board quickly and now our site deliveries are running completely through online requests. 

Superintendents gain the ability to approve deliveries with documented comments, putting the responsibility of the trades to manage their own deliveries.

This is such a fantastic tool which will bring value to any PCL job site.

Aaron Akehurst  |  Manager, Construction Services, PCL Construction

The JSR delivery board system is a must-have for large-scale jobs that have several types of resources that consistently have an intense amount of deliveries arriving to site hourly.

This system enables the shipping and receiving team to be much more efficient and organized which is critical for a successful project.

Field Team  |  PCL Construction

You can quickly login to the specific project site to book a delivery/pick up, click on the calendar, and review available delivery slots. As long as the trade partner, shipper, or receiver has an email, they can book on their own and at anytime.

JSR cuts down on the cost of having a full-time shipper/receiver book dates and times, and provides prebooking for deliveries with long lead times. JSR has saved us thousands of dollars and worker hours.

James Burnett  |  Superintendent, PCL Construction