Job Site Access

Streamline, track, and secure entry to your job site with our industry-proven JSA security software.

Streamlining access to your job site

Job Site Access (JSA) provides greater security to your job site with security software to monitor site access and the movement of site assets.

JSA is a job site gating system that admits personnel to the job site with access cards that use either QR and NFC technology for authentication. It provides workforce access control and tracking on job sites of every kind. JSA makes it simple for projects to authorize, monitor, review and report on access at all access points—real or virtual— on a job site. JSA provides real-time reporting including gate activity, dates and times of worker access, along with worker trade and company affiliations.

Job Site Access Features

Flexible Gate Options

  • Whether you need manned perimeter access checkpoints or unmanned security turnstiles, JSA is designed to allow you to control access at all perimeter site access locations.
  • Set up virtual zones on the job site to track entry and exit to these areas with access checkpoint stations.
  • Choose from touchless facial recognition or card-based authentication options.
  • Flexibility for these checkpoints makes JSA scalable and affordable for job sites of any size and complexity.

Workforce Management

  • JSA worker profiles support various worker classifications.
  • Upload worker profiles in bulk or one at a time.

Labor Management

  • View, monitor and account for attendance and time on-site for all workers and guests.
  • Find valuable insights through reports on daily worker access by gate, area, individual, company, trade or customized criteria.
  • The JSA Mobile companion app lets you stay connected out on the job site, equipped with up-to-date information on your workforce, actual attendance and other features.

Job Site Access Benefits

Eliminate unauthorized access and risk of theft

Track individual worker information with JSA’s customizable worker profiles

Boost accountability for job site safety with real-time information of who is on-site

Track labor costs through payroll verification and auditing with JSA’s historical reporting

Help workers stay healthy and safe through touchless identification powered by facial recognition authentication